Imagine Every Inch

We are a company that takes your space be it residential or commercial and help turn them into everything you could ever have imagined they could be.
Imagine Every Inch is all about bringing your imagination to reality with unique decor and styling. We are dedicated to making sure that at the end of every project, the client can honestly say the space depicts what they had imagined and more.
As humans we all have different imaginations that bring out different aspects of who we are and that is why we have chosen to work with your imaginations in order to truly bring out who you really are into a space that you will be dwelling in.
We aim for our clients to own the space that belongs to them and that starts right from their minds which eventually can be brought to life through the decor and styling of such space.
Come to us with your imaginations and let us bring them to reality!!

MOFEG Group is a consortium of companies providing solutions related to Business Consulting, Commerce, Interior Design and Styling, Travel & Tours as well as Logistics.


Physical Address: 14, Bia Road Dzorwulu Accra - Ghana

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